Thursday, December 12, 2013

Marty is doing well. :)

Hello all and Happy Holidays. I haven't posted in a long time because I have been working. Having been a stay-at-home mom for over eight years has me transitioning into the work force at a slower process. It's been a hard adjustment, but I am managing. To give you an update on Marty, well, he is taking on elementary school and so far, so good. His teacher complains of his frequent talking out of turn, but she is very tolerant and compassionate toward his condition. This summer, Marty participated in a genetic study at a prominent autism research facility. The specialist there concluded that Marty had Aspergers. No duh. Any who, I was glad for the confirmation. Marty also had a psycho-educational evaluation with his school and they concurred: highly probable for Aspergers Disorder. Ok, so with all this reassurance, you would think that we [as a family] would have progressed in our mission to get Marty "some help," nope; we are still dependent on the school's supports; And, very grateful for them as Marty gets a para pro, social skills classes with the counselor, and weekly time with the special ed. teacher...not to mention he is in the inclusion class. Marty's school psychologist recommended play therapy, so I am working on getting this started for him. All in all, Marty is doing well: growing and thriving. He has his "bad" mega meltdown days, but mostly, he is compliant and easily soothed. He has learned so much since starting "big boy school" and we have grown closer. He is such a thoughtful and loving little boy, its sometimes hard for me to identify him as being "on the spectrum". This morning he told me that he "felt bad because his brother didn't have a heater like him." Yes, he has his own personal space heater...don't judge me please. [Something about a heating fan calms this kid like nothing else.] So that being said, I believe my boy is learning how to express his feelings and to empathize, something that many experts claim that those with autism lack. All though I am working, I still try to stay abreast with the latest research on autism, though I am convinced that Auties and Aspies are here to stay. There's no cure, but early intervention and thankfully, Marty got a lot of that. I will leave you with a link to an article that I found fascinating. It seems that many of us with children on the spectrum have made studying autism our life's work.