Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Trains, trains, and more trains

Over the weekend, we visited a large train museum. The whole trip was centered on all things trains. The boys got to explore a historic train depot, model train displays; we took a train ride, and even ate in an old diner car. It was a really fun experience. Marty was so happy. He especially liked the model train museum. He cried at the thought of returning home. So, I promised Marty that when we moved into a bigger home I would help him turn one of the bedrooms into his own model train display. He was so excited. I wish I had that kind of passion for something when I was his age. I guess having a “restricted interest” can somehow make life easier. It takes away the confusion and frustration of having too many options. It eases anxieties and soothes the end of a bad day. Marty once told me, “Even when I become a grown-up, I’m still gonna love trains. Just like that, he has already planned his future around ‘his trains.’ I often wonder if the trains are just a phase and sometimes I pray that it is, but I can’t deny the happiness, relief and pure joy that my little boy has when he escapes to his world of trains.

I took this picture to explore how my little man thinks. What made him arrange these random items in this order? I asked him what he was making, “An Island,” incidentally, everything is an “Island,” perhaps a tribute to the ‘Island of Sodor’. I then asked him why he made it, “Because I wanted too. I like it.” So it’s as simple as that; lining up random objects gives him a thrill.

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