Saturday, February 16, 2013

Autism is my universe

Or in the words of my little Marty, "Trains are in my world." I always get a chuckle when Marty makes comments about the select items that are, "in his world," as if everything else is excluded from whatever world he has created for himself. He's only a preschooler and I often forget that because he is so articulate and meticulous. He wants everything perfect. I'm like, "Dude you still wear a diaper at night, chill out." But, like many other kids with his particular restricted interests and repetitive behaviors, he doesn't relate to his typical developing peers. I imagine that he might even think of himself as a small adult. Something that Michael Buckholtz mentioned in his interview with INSPIRE. He said that growing up he actually believed that he was just a little adult. Michael also talks about Autism being his universe. And, he goes into detail about how he managed to mask his autism symptoms growing up. He speaks about how he had to memorize scripts and phrases to use them as practice in order to see which one worked [in social settings]. Marty does this too and so does his dad. I often hear Marty repeat a phrase under his he's rehearsing it. Sometimes he uses in appropriate settings; though many times he misses the mark and what he 'repeats' can be offensive and used in the wrong context. I guess its a hit or miss kind of thing when connecting to others and relating to peers does not come natural. Any whoo, I appreciate Michael's honesty and willingness to put himself out there. He really makes me feel much better about the outlook of my Marty's future.

Michael's book is Autism is My Universe

His recent interview is available at

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