Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Something amazing happened late Monday night, Marty lay still in my bed fast asleep after being given a dose of Children’s Nyquil to treat his cold. Surprisingly, he wasn’t tossing and turning or easily awakened by the slightest noise. Marty was in a deep sleep. It was lovely… to watch my little baby sleep peacefully. I didn’t want to move him from my bed, but I had to move him from the center of the bed in order to fit my own tired body in the tiny communal space. As I gently moved Marty, he said something that he has only said once before, “Mama.”

Yes, he calls me mom, mommy, and sometimes even, “Mother.” [Like I’m some sort of Stepford Wife, cringe] When he addressed me verbally for the first time, it was to call me, “Mom.” It sounded so rehearsed it seemed almost scripted; nonetheless; still, I rejoiced to hear my then 2 year old Marty call me by my title for the first time ever. I don’t think he said the word dad until he was well over 2 ½. So to hear my baby call me, “Mama,” made my little heart sing. Something about that REM sleep and inhibition freed my ‘pedantic’ little boy so that he could say the word that I have longed to hear him say. Incidentally [prepare for my Aspie interesting fact moment], “Mama,” or dada is usually a baby’s first word. And it’s a universal phenomenon that happens in many countries around the world because the baby’s vocalizing the aaahh sound…daah daah, baah baah, maah maah.

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