Thursday, December 6, 2012

Marty's keen sense of smell

The other day my neighbor and good friend called me over to help her identify the origin of a suspicious smoky smell in her home. With the boys in tow, we entered my friend’s home welcomed by the smell of burning plastic. Marty is usually very sensitive to odors but surprisingly he was more interested in going for the peppermint candy jar instead of explaining why the before mentioned odor smelled badly. Recently, Marty has taken an interest in complaining about various odors and smells in our home. “This pillow doesn't smell good.” “Whatever you are cooking smells like something kids should not eat.” And, my favorite, “This poop smell must be from the cat because dogs poop outdoors.” Thanks for that fascinating fact, Marty. Any who, Marty’s hound doggish sense of smell knows no bounds. As a form of entertainment and payback for being called stupid for the third time that day, I challenged Marty to identify the source of the mysterious smoky odor. Keep in mind this is a four year old kid with suspected Aspergers, so it is not uncommon for these kids to have an acute sense of smell [or sensitivity to certain smells]. Therefore, my experiment is validated and not child abuse. LOL. I ask Marty to tell me where that strange smell is coming from. Marty is eager to please. He immediately walks toward the refrigerator. “It’s coming from here.” “Are you sure?” I say. Marty – “Yes, what is in here?” My response, “Food.” Marty stands in front of the refrigerator perplexed. I assure him that everything is okay and we all go outside to await the fire truck. Meanwhile, Max is delighted that he has an opportunity to stay out late and practice popping wheelies on his scooter. "Is there a fire or something, why is the fire truck here?" yells Max, Where has he been for the pass thirty minutes, I wonder, must be the ADD. Once we are outside, Marty slips off to solitude in his room and playing with his trains. My neighbor remarks on how Marty is, “through with us.” Incidentally, she is one of Marty’s favorite persons – she doesn’t back down to Marty’s attempt to control and dominate the situation, and surprisingly they have similar personalities…by personality, I mean that they are both, meanies. LOL, [I think]. As we all await the firemen’s assessment of the suspicious smell, we notice the firemen’s smoke detector device thingy “going off” as he approaches the refrigerator.  The fireman concludes that the burning smell is coming from the refrigerator. Apparently, the compressor is out.  Well, Marty was right after all. I jokingly say that it is time to get the business cards printed cause Marty is straight-up gifted…”The smell whisperer.”  My neighbor friend is amazed. Marty is so smart and witty, sometimes I forget he is still a baby – a precocious little four year old with a deep voice and an affection for big words.

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