Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Angry Marty

My Sweet Marty
A beautiful curious boy with a generous heart and a kind spirit
The Angry Marty
An impulsive and explosive preschooler with the strength of a line backer
Some of his favorite lines:
·         My face doesn’t have a smile on it anymore
·         I’m not doing anything anymore
·         I’m not happy
·         I’m angry
·         I don’t want to talk about this anymore
·         I need privacy
·         I don’t like you
·         I want that kid/baby to go back home
·         You’re stupid
·         You’re fired
·         I’m gonna make you dead
·         Die
·         Kill
·         Scared
·         Stop talking to me
·         Stop looking at me
·         This is dumb
·         You’re voice sounds weird
·         Nobody tells me what to do
·         If you don’t [insert whatever he wants at the moment], I am going to [hit, scream, kill, punch,   fire] you

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