Sunday, September 9, 2012

How Marty reacts to changes

1. Mom’s new hairstyle – “I don’t like your hair.”

2. New glasses/same color, different style – “You’re not my mom.” “Whose glasses are those?”

3. New bedroom furniture – “This is not my room; I want my room back.”

4. New shoes – “These are not my school schools; I need to wear the green shoes.”

5. Visiting Friends’ homes – “This is not our home.”

6. Father driving mom’s SUV – “I like when mom drives; mom you have to sit in that [drivers] seat.”

7. Hotel rooms – “This is not our room; I want to sleep in my bed.”
2 & 3 where met with tantrums, in the other situations, I was able to redirect his focus. Marty loves his routine; he wants to be able to predict his daily activities. Every day since he was 18 months old he has been given juice in the morning before he gets out of the bed. This practice is bothersome for me, but it reassures Marty. He is easier to manage and complies with requests to put on his clothes and brush his teeth after he has had his juice [no particular kind, thank God]. I don't know why subtle changes  upset his so. I imagine that changes convey a sense of losing control or vulnerability.

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